What Are We || Finn & Sam

Finn didn’t know if he should be mad or worried about what Sam had said. He seemed calm about it. Finn started to worry, Was it because Finn had opened up. He was also mad how Sam had talked to him. He grabbed all the boxes and put them against the wall. He grabbed the gift he had gotten Sam and put it on the bed. He didn’t know what he was going to happen. He left his room and headed toward Sam room. What was going to happen? He decided to make himself angry. So once he close to Sam room. He thought about stuff that pissed him off. It had payed off cause next thing he knew was he knocking on the door really hard. Not enough for people to notice but enough for Sam to know he was mad. “You wanted me! You got me!” He yelled. Finn opened the door and forcefully grabbed Sam. Put him over his shoulder and carried him to his room. He could tell Sam was fighting back. But everytime he did, Finn holded him even harder. Once he got there he sat Sam down. “So what was all that shit you were say?!” Finn told him. You could tell the angry in his face. Finn just wanted to scare him. Not hurt him. He cared about him to much.

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    Sam didn’t know where he was going but he needed so air. Maybe after their break him and Finn would be better than they...
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    Finn could help but feel a little bit guilty when he saw Sam leave. Finn walked back to his room and looked at it. He...